The brand

Be Daring. Live Boldly. Feel Beautiful. 

Launched in 2019, Noir Bloom is a luxury jewelry line focused on making you feel divine. Our fine jewelry pieces don’t just enhance your outfit. They give you the green light to live out loud and express yourself exactly as you are. 

Love, strength, inner healing, beauty-our designs are inspired by various feelings that empower you to be confident. Noir Bloom is more than jewelry. It’s a lifestyle brand that makes you feel and look your best. 

Rich Culture Meets Strong Roots

Our Brooklyn-based founder, Ree Alfred, brings a distinctive style to fine jewelry unlike anything in the industry. Raised in France and Haiti, a unique blend of cultures heavily influences her brand. From the first piece she ever wore, a peridot green earring, Alfred loved the way jewelry made her feel. She embraced those feelings and soon began making her own headpieces and crowns, often staying up late to make sure the stones and details of each piece were perfect.  

What started as a hobby grew into a passion as she developed an obsession for gemstones and learned that each carried its own meaning. Noir Bloom was destined to become a successful fine jewelry line thanks to her childhood influences. Still, it’s her travel inspirations and Caribbean roots that truly make this brand stand out! She creates each piece to make you feel empowered to embrace your individuality and live confidently in your pursuit of life.

The Beauty is in the Details

From those late nights building headpieces to Noir Bloom’s launch, this brand’s success comes from quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Our tribal/gypsy style designs bottle up culture with a modern twist. The result is a creative and eye-catching aesthetic design that offers beauty in layers. 

From necklaces and earrings to beautiful precious stone rings, you will love the fine craftsmanship of these hand-selected designs. With the right accessories, you can genuinely take on the world. Infused with worldly travels reflections, Noir Bloom combines creativity with inspiration to give you jewelry with profound meaning. While heavily influenced by culture and childhood memories, Noir Bloom is a brand dedicated to its customers. 

Each piece is carefully crafted, empowering you to embrace your beliefs and share your authentic self with the world. 

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Perfectly You with Noir Bloom! 

Discover the bold jewel that reflects your story. Explore our collection today.